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About Us

About Us

Our Story

We all have a story…

Three Stories Jewelry was created by founders (from left), Camelia Chiriac, Barbara Laird, and Emily Cohen. After working together for more than a decade, our special bond, friendship, and love grew into storytelling and bringing pieces of jewelry to life. This is the foundation of Three Stories Jewelry.


The cornerstone of Three Stories Jewelry is the Stories of Love Collection, which speaks of unity, hope and faith in the future. Central to the collection is the Love Explosion motif, a diamond starburst exploding with love.  The Love Explosion represents our individual and collective love for friends and family, as well as our love of humanity and the world in which we live.


Stories of Elements was our second collection, with our interpretations of the four elements of the world:  earth, water, fire, and air.  Symbols of female empowerment run through this collection.  Our Sea Goddess, representing love and beauty, rises from the foam of the sea and has significance to us and our kinship with the ocean.  Our interpretation of the earth element, the Dreaming Tree, has a female silhouette in the gold tree trunk, her branches reach across the stone protecting her fruit which represents her family and world around her.   The Fire Goddess rises like a Phoenix from the ashes with strength and determination.  This collection is especially meaningful to each of us, as we see aspects of ourselves in these strong female motifs.


Our most recent introduction is the Stories of Wishes collection, our interpretation of the things we might wish upon – a shooting star, a rainbow, a clover, the man in the moon.  We believe that with integrity, love, and hard work, wishes will become reality.


Three Stories is not only beautiful jewelry – each piece has a story.  Bangles and pendants have designs on both the front and the back, so they can be worn multiple ways.  Many earring hoops have two sides and many of our charms have our unique “top switch” jump ring mechanism which enables the charm to be put on a hoop and worn as an earring or turned and slipped on a chain to be worn as a pendant.  We’ve also created rings that flip, with each side showcasing a different design. 


Three Stories Jewelry features spring and fall collections as well as one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces, which speak to a particular moment in time.  All pieces are made with 14k yellow gold, diamonds, and precious and semi-precious gemstones. The Blended Stories collection combines sterling silver with 14k yellow gold and features stackable bangles with brightly colored gemstones and diamonds. Stones are hand selected and many of our colored stone pieces are truly one of a kind. 


We believe that there is significance and a story in each piece of jewelry selected; tell your story…


With Love,

Camelia, Barb, & Emily